My 2009 novel Neti, Neti just out in a new edition!


“One has heard of the Delhi novel and the Bombay novel, and finally, here's a Bangalore novel.”

Neti, Neti paints an empathetic portrait of the unusually liberated—and unexpectedly lost—middle-class youth of the brave new India.”

 “Hasan is masterful with the nuances of longing and the subtlest of tragedies.... There is writerly accomplishment in every turn of phrase.”

Deccan Herald


 “Hasan’s writing is full of warm humour... Blurbs will struggle to capture her subversivesness.”



“Hasan is an assured writer, excellent at teasing out the comedy and despair in the lives of imperfect, confused characters...This is a novel that will speak to a generation.”

Indian Express


“Hasan delivers the bitter truth that for all their suavity, our young Englishspewing motormouths are merely automatons sold on the candyfloss life, the bastard children of globalisation.”

Mail Today

 “Hasan is a witty writer and the style is highly engaging, richly descriptive and emotionally astute.”
The Sydney Morning Herald

 “A finely crafted story where wry insights and pure moments of humour contrast with some nasty jolts of great realism.”
Canberra Times

 “A contemplative tale... I hope that lots of readers will take the time to get to know Sophie Das.”
Svenska Dagbladet

 “An exciting book which bubbles with energy and feels endlessly tragic.”
Sodermanlands Nyheter

“Well-written, snappy and entertaining.”

● Launch of The Cosmopolitans
at the Apeejay Kolkata
Literary Festival
January 14-17, 2016.
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Appearances at the
Jaipur Literature Festival
, January 21-25, 2016.
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● Out shortly from Cambridge University Press: A History of Indian Poetry in English. (With my essay ‘Our speaking English voice: a voice that speaks for us?’